Tips for Safely Driving a Hired Van

Tips for Safely Driving a Hired Van

Are you thinking about hiring a van from Mayday Vehicle Rentals? If you are, then there are a few things you should know before you do. Driving a hired van can be intimidating, particularly for anyone who hasn’t been behind the wheel of a van before. 

Vans are much bigger than your car, so the driving experience is different. But, with a few simple tips, you will be able to safely navigate the roads and have a successful time in your hired van. Keep reading to learn more, and if you’d like to hire a van in Luton, get in touch with us today via the contact details at the bottom. 

Familiarise Yourself with the Van

Before you set off in your hired van, a good tip is to take some time to get familiar with the vehicle. For example, make sure you know how to open and close all the doors. Also, get comfortable with the van’s seating and interior, and familiarise yourself with the dashboard and the controls. 

Remember to spend a few minutes adjusting the mirrors and setting the seat to your preferred driving position. Doing all of these things will make it a much smoother driving experience in your hired van. 

Check the Van’s Condition

When you hire a van, make sure that it is in good working order before you drive away. You should check the engine oil, brake fluid and coolant levels, and look for any signs of wear and tear. 

Alongside this, check the lights, indicators and brakes, and ensure the tyres are properly inflated. If you spot any problems with the van, report them to the team at Mayday Vehicle Rentals and we can assist you. 

Follow the Rules of the Road

Another general tip is to be extra careful in following all the rules of the road when you’re driving your hired van. Make sure that you pay very close attention to the speed limits, and also obey all of the traffic signs or signals. 

Moreover, be sure to indicate when you are changing lanes and give other drivers plenty of space too. A van is bigger than a car, so give space accordingly. Safety wise, make sure you always wear your seatbelt and ensure all passengers are wearing theirs too. 

Prepare for Poor Weather

Driving a van in poor weather conditions can be dangerous, so make sure you’re prepared for any extreme, unwelcome weather. This means keeping an emergency kit in the van that contains a shovel, tow rope, ice scraper, and a blanket. Ideally, you won’t need to use any of these items, but at least having them will give you peace of mind that you’re prepared in the event of any really bad weather. 

Have Regular Breaks

Like with driving a car, it’s really important that you take regular breaks from driving. If you’re driving your van on a long trip, then make sure that you stop at least every two hours to give yourself a proper rest and stretch your legs. This will ensure that you stay alert and it will also reduce the risk of an accident too. 

Remember to Park Safely

A final tip for driving your hired van is to park safely. When you reach your destination, take the time to park the hired van safely. Ideally, look for a spot that’s well lit and away from any hazards. Also, make sure the van is secure and all the doors are locked before leaving it. This will help secure the entire contents of your van.

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