Business Rentals

If you require a vehicle inside 48hrs then please call us on 01582 545454 for immediate availability.




Here at Mayday we understand that running a fleet of pool cars can be difficult. Cleaning and maintenance of vehicles is often forgotten about and finding out who is responsible for any bumps or scratches is almost impossible.

Our Corporate Accounts

Open a flexible corporate account with Mayday Vehicle Rentals

Audi A4
Mercedes C Class
Mercedes E Class

How It Works

With Mayday you can open a flexible corporate account; this enables you to have vehicles delivered to you that are clean and full of fuel when you need them. Whether you need a car to visit clients or a van for delivering goods, we can provide a vehicle to suit your needs.


When each vehicle is delivered you simply complete a check sheet stating the current condition of the car. You then use the vehicle for the agreed amount of time and then we will pick it up. When collected, an inspection will be done ensuring that each of your drivers is accountable for using the vehicle correctly.

Continued Support

By setting up a Corporate Account we can ensure in advanced your vehicle is always ready and waiting.

Regular Service

Our fleet of vehicles are regularly serviced to ensure you and your vehicle can keep running smoothly.

Full Valet

We take price in ensuring our vehicles are fully cleaned both inside and out, ready for pick up.

Mayday offer the very best solution to your vehicle rental needs.