Frequently Asked Questions About Van Hire

Frequently Asked Questions About Van Hire

If you’re thinking about hiring a van, it’s likely that you’ll have a lot of questions you’d like to ask. Thankfully, the team at Mayday Vehicle Rentals has written an informative post that looks at the most commonly asked questions about van hire. Below, we’ve answered all the important questions – so that you know everything you must know before you rent a van. 

To enquire about renting a budget van in the Luton area – whether it’s a short or long-term hire – get in touch with Mayday Vehicle Rentals today. You can get a free quote and we will give you a highly competitive price that matches your budget. 

What Age Do You Need to Be to Hire a Van? 

This is a common question we receive – and the answer is that many different van hire companies have different age restrictions. Overall, the majority of van hire companies require you to be over the age of 25 when you’re hiring a van.

Do You Need a Special Driving Licence?

No, as long as the weight of the van does not exceed 3.5 tonnes, then you can drive a van on a car licence as normal. The overwhelming majority of rental vans are under this weight, so you should have no issues renting a van on your driver’s licence. 

Is a Van More Difficult to Drive?

Today, modern vans are much easier to drive. Vans such as the Ford Transit Connect are smooth to drive, and come with robust engines, first-class functionality and safer driving technology. Therefore, renting a van should in theory be no more difficult – in terms of the driving – than renting a car. 

But, it is vital that you remember the size of your van. A van will always be heavier and bigger compared with a car, so you need to handle it with care. This means taking it slowly on roundabouts and corners, and planning ahead more than usual when you’re driving.

How Long Can You Rent a Van for?

When you come to Mayday Vehicle Rentals, we offer both short and long-term van rentals. So whatever your requirements – whether you need to rent a van in the immediate short-term, or you would like to hire a van for a longer period of time, we can organise a van hire according to your personal needs and timescale. 

What are the Benefits of Van Hire?

Van hire is a great choice as it’s much more affordable; it allows you to access a larger van at a competitive price, allowing you to save money on costs. It’s also incredibly flexible, so you can dictate the period of time you need to hire your van for. What’s more, there are so many ways you can use a van – whether it’s for business, moving your belongings or if you just need a little extra vehicle space. 

Searching For Budget Luton Van Hire? 

If you would like to rent a van in the Luton area, then Mayday Vehicle Rentals is the company to come to. We offer stress-free and affordably priced van rental that is smooth and straightforward from beginning to end. You can choose from a variety of our vans including the Ford Transit Connect, Ford Transit Custom and Ford Transit LWB Hi-Roof. All of our vans are maintained to impeccable standards and function to the highest level, so it will be incredibly smooth travelling in one of our vehicles. 

Alongside this, we also make the entire van hire experience as simply as possible. This means that we offer a collection and drop off service in Luton and surrounding areas. We’ll deliver and pick-up your van quickly, with minimal disruption to you. To book our budget Luton van hire – contact Mayday Vehicle Rentals today on 01582 545454 or at [email protected]. We can offer you a professional service and extremely competitive van hire price.

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