4 Reasons That Might Cause You To Rent A Van

4 Reasons That Might Cause You To Rent A Van

When people first think about vehicle rentals, the reality is that their immediate thoughts will be to use a car when they go abroad. Whilst this is certainly a major motivation to utilise a rental service, it is far from being the only reason. Case-and-point, van rentals have seen a monument increase in recent years, and this is a trend which shows no-signs of slowing down. Having put-together a fleet of vans, we feel that there is no-one better than Mayday Vehicle Rentals to educate you on the primary causes of people booking a van on a short-term basis.

1. You’re moving to a new property

As anyone that has previously moved house can testify to, this is an experience that is overrun with stress and anxiety. After-all, you have to take extra-care in order to ensure that your possessions aren’t damaged; this is not to mention the difficulty that you will face maneuvering your heavy furniture out of the door. Should you want to enjoy a little bit of convenience on moving day, you might want to hire a local van – this can make transporting your valuables significantly easier.

2. You’re travelling abroad

Although some people may argue that this is not the most glamorous way to go on holiday, the fact of the matter is that from a practical standpoint, a van could prove to be invaluable. This is particularly true if you are part of a large family, and are therefore planning on taking a lot of luggage with you. With a fantastic amount of storage space to use, you won’t have to worry about the quality of your journey being adversely impacted. 

3. You’re conducting a business trip

Picture the scene: you have booked a slot at a prestigious corporate exhibition, and are looking to grasp this opportunity so that you can showcase your finest products to your audience. Unfortunately, you run into a logistical issue – namely, that you have no-way of getting your goods to the event. Rather than allow yourself to panic, you simply need to find a local branch that can provide you with a short-term van rental. This can solve all of your problems in a smooth-and-seamless fashion, therefore allowing you to focus on your pitch.

4. You’re setting-up for an event

Anyone that is self-employed will understand how important it is to be meticulous when going through the planning process. Whether you are a musician or a theatre company, the likelihood is that you want to be able to set-up well-in-advance of the arrival of your attendees. Thankfully, you can get through this with minimal hassle, provided that you have taken it upon yourself to arrange a van rental. This can house all of your equipment with ease, making your experience one that flies by.

A Quick Word About Us

Should any of the situations that we have portrayed above sound familiar to you, the chances are that you are in a position whereby it would be beneficial to take advantage of a large van hire service. Hire options can be found across the UK – it is up to you to find a company that can easily cater to your needs. Here at Mayday Vehicle Rentals, it may interest you to learn that we have a number of Ford Transits from which to choose from; please note that these are varied in terms of their size. If you are considering hiring a van with us, we recommend that you provide us with your personal details by writing to us at [email protected]

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