Why You Should Consider Hiring A 7 Seater Minibus For A Family Holiday

Why You Should Consider Hiring A 7 Seater Minibus For A Family Holiday

With the school summer holidays just around the corner, lots of families are starting to organise their group getaways and staycations are proving to be a very popular choice this year. Many are planning on going on a road trip and exploring some of the amazing holiday destinations that we have here in the UK. It is fair to say that a big family staycation is a brilliant way to make amazing memories with your nearest and dearest. 

An important thing to think about when organising a family holiday is how you’re going to get from A to B. Often, lots of people will have a car that they use on a daily basis but this isn’t necessarily the best vehicle to take on your family road trip. In fact, hiring a 7 seater minibus is a much better solution and it is the perfect choice for a summer getaway. If you’re wondering why you should consider hiring this type of vehicle, keep reading today. 

Reduce the number of vehicles you need to take 

Simply put, when you hire a bigger vehicle for your family holiday, you may only need to take one car instead of two or three. Having 7 seats enables you to get more family members into one vehicle and you can prevent several people from needing to drive. This in itself has a number of advantages. 

Not only will you save a lot of money on fuel when you’re only having to fill up one minibus rather than multiple smaller cars, but the whole trip will be much easier too. Small things like being able to park in busy tourist destinations will be less stressful when you only need to find one parking space. Of course, by all being in one car, you will get to experience and enjoy everything together during your family holiday as well. 

Prevent passengers from being squashed in the back 

Even though lots of cars these days have 5 seats, they aren’t very spacious and it can sometimes be impossible to actually fit 5 people into one car. The back seats, in particular, tend to be quite small and it can be really uncomfortable sitting in these, especially if you have a long drive to your holiday destination.

When you hire a 7 seater minibus, not only will you have additional seats, but the vehicle will have a more spacious layout too, so you won’t have to squeeze passengers into their seats. This can be really useful if you need to have car seats for younger members of the family and you won’t have to draw straws to see who is going to have to sit next to these car seats. You can trust that everyone will have a much more comfortable journey. 

Have plenty of space for all of your luggage 

Fitting all of your luggage into your car, alongside the many passengers, is always a struggle when you go on holiday. When you have more than one suitcase and a number of other holiday-related belongings, finding space for them is never easy and you usually have to compromise on what you can take with you. 

Hiring a minibus will provide you with much more space for all of your family holiday essentials, so you won’t have to leave anything behind. Loading everything into the vehicle will be much easier too and you won’t feel as though you’re playing a game of Tetris trying to get everything into the boot. This can make the start of your holiday much less stressful and what’s more, you’ll even have space in the 7 seater car for souvenirs on the way home.

Arranging 7 seater car hire in Luton

Whilst you might have a car that you use to get to and from work, there is no denying that when you’re planning a family holiday, it is worthwhile looking into minibus hire services. The additional space that a 7 seater will provide you makes it the perfect vehicle for group travel and it really is a much more suitable solution for any type of road trip. If you’re interested in minibus hire in Luton, be sure to visit the Mayday Vehicle Rentals website. 

We are a one-stop shop for all of your vehicle rental needs and we provide a professional yet personal approach to 7 seater car hire in Luton and the surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on offering our customers a high-quality flexible service with competitive prices and when you turn to us for people carrier car rentals, you can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. Our seamless collection and drop off services for minibus hire in the Luton area makes getting the perfect vehicle for your family holiday even easier too. 


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