Why Do People Love To Drive The Mercedes E-Class?

Why Do People Love To Drive The Mercedes E-Class?

Should you be in the market for a rental vehicle, there are various avenues which you can choose to go down. Although people’s first thoughts might be in relation to an Aston Martin or a Rolls Royce, there is a model that often gets unfairly overlooked. If you are someone that appreciates high-end automotives, your first point of call should be the Mercedes E-Class. This stunning piece of engineering is a joy to drive, and we are sure that one you have read through Mayday Vehicle Hire’s thoughts on the matter, you will be desperate to get your hands on one.

Powerful Engine

When you are looking to enjoy a luxury vehicle for a short space of time, it is understandable that you will be searching for a model that can easily tear up the open road ahead of you – this is something that the Mercedes E-Class will not disappoint you with. If, for example, you are hiring for a special occasion, such as a wedding, you want to be able to make your presence known to all of your guests, and arrive in style. The moment that they hear the purr of the engine, they will recognise that you are to be taken seriously.

Alloy Wheels

For those of you that have always had a vested interest in cars, it will come as no surprise to learn that alloy wheels are routinely considered to be one of the most sought-after features. Thankfully, the manufacturers at Mercedes are not blind to this fact, and have seen it fitting to put four incredible alloy wheels beneath the E-Class. This ensures that whilst you are driving, you are guaranteed a smooth ride whilst also displaying first-class aesthetics to everyone that you pass on your journey.

Beautiful Chassis

In terms of its visuals, the Mercedes E-Class is nothing short of exceptional. Many people would describe it’s chassis as being in-line with their expectations of a dream car; after you have clapped eyes on it yourself, we are sure that you will agree. With curves in all the right places, as well as being available in a wide-range of colours, you should have no trouble in finding a style which truly represents what high-performance vehicles are all about.

Automatic Gearbox

Though this might not originally be at the top of your list of priorities when you are browsing through car rental options, you should not overlook the importance of an automatic gearbox. This is a feature which will provide you with an additional level of convenience, something that we advise you do not take for granted. Rather than have to deal with the hassle that is involved in manually shifting gears, you can let the Mercedes E-Class’ sophisticated system take care of it for you.

What Can We Offer You?

When it comes to finding a company that can offer you luxury car hire in Luton that is hassle-free, and allows you to pay an affordable fee for a top-tier hire service, the only name that should immediately spring to mind is that of Mayday Vehicle Hire. Time-and-time again, we have demonstrated that we possess one of the leading collections of rental vehicles in the local area; our contracts are competitively priced, and can be obtained for varying lengths of time.

We recognise that before jumping into an agreement, you may wish to discuss your needs in greater detail with a member of our team. Should this be the case, feel free to give us a call today on 01582 545454 and get the ball rolling.

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