Why Car Hire Is A Popular Alternative To Booking Taxis

Why Car Hire Is A Popular Alternative To Booking Taxis

Whenever you’re going on holiday, no matter whether you’re flying somewhere or you’re getting a train, you always need to think about how you’re going to get around the local area during your trip. Commonly, people will either book taxis or hire a car and whilst both of these options have their advantages, it is becoming increasingly common for people to favour car hire over using taxi services.

There are lots of reasons why car hire is becoming more and more popular amongst holidaymakers, and having a vehicle for the duration of your trip can be really useful. Below we have looked into some of the main reasons why so many people choose to hire a car when they’re on holiday nowadays rather than booking taxis. 

More reliable 

There is no guarantee that you will be able to book a taxi whenever you want to go somewhere and relying on local taxi firms can cause all sorts of problems. When you opt for car hire, you can book a vehicle in advance and lots of companies offer pick-up and drop off services too, making the whole process really straightforward. Once you have the car, you can then use it whenever you please during your holiday, making day trips very convenient. 

Less expensive

Taxi journeys can be expensive, especially if you’re travelling at a peak time or a long distance, and if you need to use taxis frequently throughout your holiday, the fairs will quickly add up. However, there is a fixed price for hiring a car and you will often pay a set amount per day. Car hire is much more cost-effective than booking taxis when you’re on holiday and you won’t have to waste all of your spending money on transport. Due to the fact you can pay for car hire in advance too, it will be easier to budget for your holiday. 

More freedom 

If you’re planning to visit lots of different places all in one day, booking a taxi can be problematic and you may struggle to get from one location to another. Often, taxis won’t wait for you when you go into shops as well and you may have to book multiple vehicles. When you have a hire car, you will have the freedom to go wherever you want, whenever you want and you won’t have to compromise during your holiday. You can enjoy spontaneous trips and ensure you don’t miss out on anything the local area has to offer. 

Increased privacy

It is fair to say that some taxi journeys can be really awkward and you don’t want to spend your whole holiday making small talk with taxi drivers. With your own hire car, you and your family can have privacy whilst you’re travelling and you can fully relax and enjoy yourselves. You can even play music or listen to a podcast as you’re driving and you can pretty much treat the vehicle as if it were your own as long as you abide by all of the hire terms and conditions. 

Extra seat 

When you’re a family of five, booking a taxi isn’t always easy. Most vehicles used by taxi firms only have five seats and one of these will be taken up by the driver, so you will need to book a minibus or two separate cars in order for your whole family to get from one place to another. When you hire a car, you will all be able to fit into one vehicle and you can travel around with complete ease. This will prevent a lot of hassle for you during your trip.  

Finding a car hire company in Luton

It is easy to see why car hire is a popular alternative to booking taxis these days and if you’re going on holiday, it is definitely worthwhile finding a local car hire company that you can use during your stay. When searching for a car hire company in Luton, be sure to contact us at Mayday Vehicle Rentals. We have a brilliant selection of vehicles available for hire and we pride ourselves on providing a fast, friendly and cost-effective solution to vehicle rentals. As one of the most trusted car hire companies in the Luton area, you can rest assured that you will have the best driving experience when you turn to us for your vehicle hire needs. 


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