Who Can Rent A Car Or A Van?

Who Can Rent A Car Or A Van?

There are so many benefits to renting a car or a van, whether this is on a short-term or long-term basis. Not only is vehicle rental a cost-effective option to consider in lots of different scenarios, but it gives you the freedom to get yourself from A to B and you won’t have to rely on public transport or taxis. 

Lots of people don’t realise that they’re able to rent a car or a van, and they won’t consider this transport option when their vehicle has given up the ghost or they need a vehicle that is more suitable for a specific journey. In fact, car and van rental is more accessible than you may assume and below we have answered some of the questions we’re most commonly asked by customers considering renting a vehicle.

How old do you have to be to rent a car or van?

Whilst different rental companies will have different rules and it isn’t uncommon for them to require you to be 25 to rent a car or van, at Mayday Vehicle Rentals, we allow drivers aged 23 and over to rent a vehicle from us. Many don’t realise that rental companies also have upper-age restrictions for vehicle rental and we require drivers to be less than 75. 

How many years do you need to have held a licence?

In order to book a rental vehicle with us, you need to have had a full valid drivers licence for a minimum of two years. We will need to see your drivers licence before you leave in one of our rental cars or vans too and you must bring your licence with you when you collect the vehicle you’re renting from us. 

Can you rent a car when visiting from overseas?

It is incredibly common for people to rent a car when they’re on holiday in the UK and at Mayday Vehicle Rentals, we’re happy to rent vehicles to overseas visitors. When renting from us, we will need to see your passport and also proof of return flight details. Feel free to contact us if you’d like to find out more about renting a car for your UK holiday. 

Can you rent a car with points on your licence?

Many people assume you can’t rent a car or van when you have points on your licence, but this isn’t the case. Although certain endorsements will prevent us from being able to rent a vehicle to you, generally speaking, we are willing to provide vehicles to drivers with a certain number of points on their licence. All drivers will need to provide a pre-generated code from the DVLA to allow a check to be made for any endorsements before renting.

We highly recommend that you check with us before booking online if you have points on your licence to prevent any problems when you collect your rental vehicle. Sometimes, car and van rental will be subject to insurance clearance. 

Who can drive the car you rent?

Whenever you turn to us for car or van rental, all prices quoted will be inclusive of insurance for one named driver. This means that only one person will be able to drive the vehicle during the rental period. However, we can add additional drivers to your quote if needed as long as they meet all of the requirements mentioned above. We will be happy to discuss the difference in daily costs if you were to add more drivers. 

Speaking to an expert about car and van rental

If you’re interested in renting a car or a van and you’re searching for a local rental company, don’t hesitate to contact us at Mayday Vehicle Rentals. We have a large array of vehicles available to rent and regardless of what your needs may be, we can recommend the perfect car or van for you. Since being established over two decades ago, we have been providing a high-quality, flexible rental service and our competitive prices make us stand out from the crowd. Should you have any additional questions about car or van rental, our team will be happy to help, so feel free to get in touch today. 


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