Vehicle Hire: The Myths That You Need To Be Wary Of

Vehicle Hire: The Myths That You Need To Be Wary Of

In the past, people would only seriously consider hiring a car when they designed to go for a trip to a foreign country; very few individuals will profess to having taken advantage of this type of service in the United Kingdom. That being said, there is no-doubt surrounding the fact that the number of vehicle rentals in this country are on the rise. Having established ourselves as a leading car hire company in Luton town, the Mayday Vehicle Rentals’ team is more-than happy to shed some light on some of the myths that you needn’t pay any attention to.

The Bigger Vehicle Hire Companies Are Better

Whilst there are certainly some big names when it comes to vehicle rentals, they are not necessarily the firms that you should turn-to for assistance. More-often than not, they will not be able to offer you cars that are of a sufficient standard; whatsmore, the fact that they will have hundreds of customers to deal with means that their support may be lacking. The same cannot be said of independent companies, such as Mayday Vehicle Rentals.

There Is No Support

When you are in an unknown location, the last thing that you will want is to be completely isolated; not knowing how to get from the town centre, for instance, to the pick-up and drop-off zone is a fear that many people have. Thankfully, rental firms have started to come to the realisation that in order to be seen as a cut above the rest, they need to be able to offer out-of-office support. Many of these, for example, will have phone lines that you can call at any time of the day – it is here that you can ask questions and queries.

The Cars Are Damaged

If one of your main concerns, in relation to signing-up to a car hire service, is that the vehicle that you will be receiving end-of will not match your expectations from a quality standpoint, allow us to put these fears to bed. Car hire centres in the UK have all been working incredibly hard to put-together fleets that are varied in size and shape, yet consistent in their overall finish. When you arrive in the car park, do not worry about being greeted to the sight of an aged and decrepit unit, as this could not be further away from the reality.

They’re Excessively Expensive

For those of you that have travelled abroad and subsequently utilised a car rental service, a gripe that you might have had is in relation to the costs that you incurred. If this is a reason that you have previously spurned the opportunity to hire a car in the UK, you will be pleased to hear that the reality of the situation is markedly different. Although companies will wish to make a profit, they will also recognise that they need to be fairly-priced; if they’re not, the chances are that you will take your business elsewhere.

Who Are We?

After having gone through the list above, you should have started to familiarise yourself with the rumours that are rife within the world of vehicle rentals. Hopefully, you will now be more open-minded when it comes to renting a car; some of you may even be thinking of taking out a rental agreement in the near future. Should this be the case, and are in need of cheap car hire in Luton, you are in luck – Mayday Vehicle Rentals is here to help. In close proximity to London Luton Airport, we are renowned for being able to offer car rentals at an affordable rate. If you would like to put this to the test, you can start proceedings with us by calling us on 01582 545454.

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