Services That Should Be On-Offer When You Are Renting A Car

Services That Should Be On-Offer When You Are Renting A Car


There will be some people that only think about vehicle rental services when they are going on holiday; other than this, they are able to make-do with their own personal car. However, there are some individuals that need to hire a car on a long-term basis. Perhaps, for instance, you are going away on a business trip, and need a form of transport throughout your visit away from home. If this is a situation that you are going to be facing in the near future, you may benefit from Mayday Vehicle Rentals’ breakdown of the vital services that should be offered to you down below.

renting a carValet Service

When you first decide that you are needing to pick-up a rental vehicle, the likelihood is that you will want it to be in spotless condition. After-all, you are paying for this car; during the time that is specified within your contract, you are responsible for its wellbeing. Therefore, the least that the provider could do is ensure that it is thoroughly cleaned prior to your arrival. If this does not happen, we strongly recommend that you lodge a complaint – this is the only way in which to make your dissatisfaction known.

Up-To-Date Maintenance

Those of you that own a car will naturally do everything within your power to adhere to the maintenance requirements of your vehicle. Once a year, it will need to be taken into a garage; this allows for its MOT to be renewed, as well as giving mechanics an opportunity to conduct a thorough inspection. As such, it is not unthinkable to expect that the firm that supplied you with a vehicle will take care of these sorts of matters. The fact that you are paying a monthly subscription fee should more-than make up for the expense that they will have to deal with from the garage.

Support Options

At the end of the day, you are a customer – when you have decided to do business with a company, you expect that they will go above-and-beyond to put a smile on your face. If you were to find something wrong with your vehicle, or need to extend your contract, they should be readily-available to you. Customer service is a valuable part of any business – a company that is missing this will likely be ill-equipped to assist you going forwards.

Who Are We?

By now, you should be fairly well-acquainted with what is expected of high-end rental services. However, this does not necessarily mean that you have a company in mind that you believe could cater to your needs. If this is an accurate description of the situation that you find yourself in, have no fear – Mayday Vehicle Rentals is here to help. With an ever-growing Google Review collection that highlights our proficiency in this field, you needn’t worry about the quality of our services.

Need Our Assistance?

Should you require long-term car hire in Luton, and wish to engage with a company that has a wide-array of both cars and vans from which you can choose from, the solution is obvious. As we have already touched upon, here at Mayday Vehicle Rentals we have managed to maintain a fantastic reputation since we first opened for business. The rental vehicles that we provide are first-class in quality, and are available at prices that are incredibly reasonable. Whether you need a long or short-term deal, we have you covered. To get the ball rolling, we ask that you call our customer service team on 01582 545454 – they will have all the information that you need regarding car rentals.

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