Popular Models To Look For When Organising Vehicle Hire

Popular Models To Look For When Organising Vehicle Hire

There are certain instances in your life where you are forced to part ways with your car; thankfully, there are rental services which mean that you are not forced to rely on others for lifts during this period. However, you are faced with a big decision in this regard – namely, choosing a car that will cater to your needs. If you are slightly unsure as to the direction that you want to go in, Mayday Vehicle Hire is here to help. Below, you can find some examples of this year’s most popular models.

Mercedes C Class

Sometimes referred to as being an ‘executive vehicle’, the Mercedes C Class has had a prestigious reputation from the moment that it came into existence. The manner in which this car performs on the road is certainly a sight to behold – with incredibly responsive handling, you should have no-trouble performing maneuvers, regardless of how complex they are. In terms of the interior design, leather seats and high-quality air conditioning ensure that you will have a smile on your face as soon as you open the door. This has, without a doubt, earned its spot on this list.

VW Golf

Despite not being quite as luxurious as the other vehicles to make it onto this list, as far as small cars go, you could do a lot worse than opt for the VW Golf. Whether you are planning on keeping it long-term for a holiday, or simply need a quick rental as a replacement for your existing vehicle, it will certainly get the job done for you. When you are looking to hire a car, it is important that you keep in mind that its primary function is to get you from one destination to the next – this is something that the Golf will not fail in.

Audi A4

If you are someone that enjoys comfortable journeys, and would therefore like your car rental to be simple-yet-effective at carrying out its duties, you need look no further than the Audi A4. Having been in production for more than twenty five years, the fact that there have been numerous iterations of this model is testimony to its first-class quality. When you are searching high-and-low for a rental company, we strongly advise that you keep an eye out for this fantastic vehicle.

Mercedes E Class

Last to feature on this breakdown of popular rental options is the Mercedes E Class – the moment that you spy this cruising down the street, you will understand that this is a vehicle which is in a league of its own. As far as vehicle rentals go, this is by far-and-away one of the most prestigious choices, and it is not difficult to see why. With an engine that can demonstrate more than three hundred brake horsepower, this is not a vehicle to overlook lightly.

Outlining Our Services

Whilst there are numerous car and van hire companies that operate across the UK, there is only one name that you need to be aware of in this industry. When you come to Mayday Vehicle Hire, you will not find any people carriers or sub-par vehicles; instead, you will have access to top-of-the-range models that other people wish they could have the opportunity to drive. Based primarily in Luton, aside from our array of vehicles, we have received much praise for the customer service that we routinely offer. If, for example, you have any questions about the vehicles included in our van rental scheme, or would like to learn more about our pricing structure, all you need to do is call us on 01582 545454.

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