How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Car?

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Car?

Hiring a car is a brilliant solution in a range of scenarios. Whether your car is currently in the garage and you need a vehicle to use whilst it’s getting fixed or you’re going on holiday and your car isn’t big enough to fit all of your suitcases, a hire car could be the transportation option you need. There is such a huge range of hire cars available nowadays that regardless of what your requirements may be, you won’t struggle to find a suitable hire car.  

One of the most common questions we’re asked by people considering car hire in Luton is; ‘how much does it cost to hire a car?’. It’s a misconception that car hire is really expensive and for many, it’s actually one of the most budget-friendly options available and it’s almost always more affordable than booking taxis. To give you an insight into how much it will cost you to hire a car, below we have looked into some of the factors that influence car hire costs. 

The type of car you hire 

Commonly, car hire companies will have a range of vehicles available to hire and they will fall into different categories. Whether you choose to hire a luxury car or an economy car, for example, will have an impact on how much car hire costs you. If you’re searching for an affordable solution, a car hire company will be able to recommend a vehicle that meets your needs and is also in line with your budget. 

The hire period 

As you may expect, the length of time you hire a car for will impact how much it costs. Typically, short-term car hire is charged by the day and the longer you require the car, the more it will cost you. It’s worth noting that some car hire companies will offer long-term car hire if required. This type of car hire will typically be for a minimum of 28 days and it’s more cost-effective than hiring a new car every few days. Often, long-term car hire will include added extras such as free miles, breakdown cover and vehicle replacement if needed too. 

The type of car insurance provided 

More often than not, insurance will be included in the hire price. However, this insurance is subject to an excess and if the vehicle is damaged during the hire period, you will be responsible for paying this excess. Sometimes, you have the option to pay an extra daily cost to take out additional coverage which will reduce your liability during the hire period and it’s worth enquiring about this if the excess for hire car insurance is quite expensive. 

The number of named drivers 

The prices quoted by car hire companies will usually only be inclusive of insurance for one named driver and this means that only one person can drive the car during the hire period. If you require more named drivers, additional drivers can be added at an additional cost. It isn’t uncommon for this to be an additional daily cost and it is essential that all extra drivers also meet the licence requirements of the car hire company. 

The car hire company you choose 

Of course, all car hire companies have different hire prices and some will be more affordable than others. Not only will the daily hire cost differ from one company to another, but things such as the security deposit will differ too. It’s advisable to double-check a company’s terms and conditions before you go ahead with car hire, this will help to prevent any unexpected expenses when you collect or drop off the hire car.  

Looking for car hire companies in Luton?

Ultimately, hiring a car might be more affordable than you think and this transportation option is always worth considering. If you’re interested in hiring a car and you’re looking for reliable car hire companies in Luton, don’t hesitate to contact us at Mayday Vehicle Rentals. We pride ourselves on making car hire as convenient and affordable as possible, and we can help you to find the perfect car for your specific needs. 

Here at Mayday Vehicle Rentals, not only do we have a hassle-free online booking system, but we even provide a drop-off and collection service, helping to get you on the road as quickly as possible. Not to mention, our fleet of vehicles is exceptionally maintained and you can always rely on our cars to get you from A to B. There is no better car hire company in Luton to turn to for the temporary vehicle you need. 


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